FAA Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health

This ½-Day course is aimed at providing learners with the knowledge to identify suspected mental health conditions and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost the person towards professional help.

Duration A minimum of 4 hours spread over at least one day. Ideally, the course should be run in one day, but must be completed within 2 weeks of starting the course, with each training session a minimum of two hours.


Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health

Anyone can be affected by a mental health condition either themselves or a family member, friend or colleague.
This awareness course is suitable for everyone as it provides learners with the knowledge to recognise a suspected mental health condition and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost a person towards professional help.

All members of the public can benefit from this course and it is a great stepping stone into First Aid for Mental Health.


A range of Mental Health First Aid related subjects are covered including:

  • What is mental health first aid?
  • Identifying mental health conditions
  • Providing advice and starting a conversation
  • Stress
  • Mental health conditions


  • A maximum of 16 students are allowed on the course and must be a minimum of 16 years of age. A certificate can be offered to all, subject to assessment.


  • A range of methods are used, including practical and questioning (open and multiple-choice).


  • A Level 1 Award in Mental Health First Aid Awareness will be issued to the learner, subject to successful assessment. There is no expiry of the qualification, but annual refresher training is recommended.

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