First Aid Training

We offer courses for people for work, parents and anyone who wants to learn the simple skills needed to help in a first aid emergency, benefits of First Aid Training

  • It can save lives
  • It can reduce the number of accidents in the workplace
  • It gives your employees confidence and clarity during an emergency
  • First aid kits are used properly
  • It can reduce recovery time
  • It can keep your employees safe outside of the workplace
  • It’s a great team-building exercise

Below is a list of qualifications we can deliver to support your business, select the course title for more details on each training course. 

  • Emergency first aid at work. This one-day course is usually the minimum requirement in any workplace where a first aider is needed. This course is ideal for people working in low-hazard environments, such as a shop or office. It is also suitable for organisations whose first aid needs assessment has identified the need for somebody trained in emergency first aid.
  • First aid at work. This three-day course is for people who may need to provide first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work. It includes training on specific injuries and illnesses that may have been identified in your first aid needs assessment.
  • First aid at work requalification. This course is for anyone who wants to requalify and update the skills they previously learned on a first aid at work course, in order to renew their certificate and continue to act as a workplace first aider.
  • First aid annual skills update. Our annual skills update course is perfect for people who want to refresh and update their first aid at work skills. The Health and Safety Executive recommends that workplace first aiders complete an update of their first aid skills once a year.
  • 1-Day First Aid Risk Assessment Course. In order to produce a Risk Assessment of First Aid Needs, consideration of workplace hazards and risks, the size of the organisation and other relevant factors need to be taken into account in order to determine what First Aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel should be provided.
  • Level 3 Oxygen Therapy Administration : This training enables users to administer oxygen safely and effectively, for casualties with breathing difficulties. Delegates will learn how and when to administer oxygen to a casualty and the safety concerns with carrying, storing and administering it.

Training at your premises, when it suits you to fit in with your business needs.

If your staff can’t make it to a scheduled training course or you want to train a whole team across your national or international company we can solve your logistic nightmare, let us come to you.

A cost effective way of training your team in workplace compliance qualifications with no travel or accommodation expenses to worry about.

  • Our all-inclusive training price covers everything for up to 12 delegates
  • We can spread the course over a number of sessions to suit your needs
  • Plan your training with a time and date that fits your organisational needs
  • Training together can be a team building experience, giving you the time and opportunity to review policies and procedures relevant to your organisation
  • Training that complies with statutory legislation
  • Highly qualified instructors

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