Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid course is essential for anyone who works or lives with children; you never know when an emergency may happen and when you will need to use first aid skills to remedy a potentially life-threatening situation.

We can deliver Full Paediatric First Aid training at your place of work. Suitable for anyone working with children from birth to 8 years, some of our courses meet the Full Ofsted/EYFS guidelines.

  • Be able to assess an emergency situation and prioritise what action to take
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is having a seizure
  • Help a baby or child who is choking

Omnis specialises in delivering OFSTED and EYFS approved educational and interactive paediatric first aid courses for childcare professionals, parents, carers and schools. If you work with children or have children of your own and would like to understand more about basic first aid and how to help someone in a medical emergency, then Omnis can help.

Below is a list of qualifications we can deliver to support your business, select the course title for more details on each training course.

  • Level 3 Paediatric First Aid : This course has been developed for those who are working with children and infants. It will be of particular interest to teachers, child minders, crèche assistants, playgroup personnel and anyone else who has a responsibility for their welfare whilst in your care.
  • Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid : This one-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid course has been designed for those who have an interest in child and infant basic life support.
  • Level 3 Paediatric First Aid – Blended, 1 day practical + 1 day e-learning This innovative course combines one day of focussed practical training, with 6hrs of interactive e-learning. The result is a memorable and enjoyable learning experience that maximises recall and provides the skills, knowledge and confidence to act effectively when emergencies arise. The course meets all EYFS/Ofsted requirements and CSSIW and Scottish Early Years.
  • Use a common Negotiating Framework and skills to prepare for, lead, and close win-win negotiation dialogues at every stage of the sales process
  • Gain an understanding of the differences between selling and negotiating and maximize the potential of each
  • Improve effectiveness at handling price resistance and objections
  • Creatively convert client demands into needs
  • More effectively position your value and persuade a client that it is worthwhile to make concessions
  • Close a negotiation in a way that maintains momentum, solidifies what has been accomplished, and paves the way for a smooth and successful project implementation

Like many of our sales training programs, content for negotiation training is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management.

Available through 1 day classroom delivery (Cosine-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.