Approved Centres

We are proud of the success and recognition we’ve achieved with the support and guidance from our awarding bodies. We pride ourselves on developing practical solutions that drive results in the real world. Our awarding organisations allow us to bring quality approved training to your organisation. Below are the organisations Omnis are approved training centre with.

IOSH Approved Training Provider

IOSH safety and health training courses are delivered by our network of licensed training providers across the UK and all around the world.
Not only are IOSH training courses quality-assured, easy to sell and rewarding for both you and your trainees, they’re an opportunity to partner with a world leader in safety and health expertise.
We design and distribute customisable training courses that provide the tools for people at every level of an organisation to safeguard themselves, their co-workers, suppliers and customers.

QNUK Approved Centre

Qualifications Network is known as a leading First aid Awarding body / organisation in the UK, however, we also offer a wide range of qualifications in food safety, health and safety, security, alcohol licencing, teaching, assessing and verification.

Nuco Training Approved Instructors

Nuco Training is an international training company that provides specialised instructor training for those who want to teach First Aid, Defibrillation, Health & Safety and Food Safety related subjects.

ProTrainings Approved Centre

We can solve your problems better than anyone else because we have an instructor network like no one else. Plus, our online and blended training solutions are a great way to further reduce the complexity of your staff training.